Smail HTML Client is not open source. You need privileges to access the source code.

Smail HTML Client

Smail HTML Client is proof of concept based on the comet technology. This client is designed to replace the actual Smail Chat Applet on and It just require a web browser with javascript.

This POC is divided in two differents parts the erlang server and the HTML/JQuery interface.

Erlang Server

The Erlang webserver is a scalable and hight-performance web server which will be the gateway beetween the webuser's browser and the Smail Chat Server .

HTML/JQuery interface

The HTML/JQuery interface allow any user with a web browser with javascript enabled to use the chat. It include all the smiley available on the Smail Chat Applet.


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State : Dev

Current version : -

Release Date : Mar, 2009

Techno : Erlang / JQuery

SVN : Private

WebSites : Smail Jasez