Smail Chat Server is not open source. You need privileges to access the source code.

Smail Chat Server

Smail Chat Server is a stable (uptime on Smail > 1,5 year) and high-performance chat server developped for and It use a proprietary protocol to provide to the end user different features :

  • group communication on public channels
  • group communication on private channels
  • one to one communication
  • reserved aliases for users
  • contact list
  • user search
  • admin functionalities
  • server API to create server extensions
  • TCP/IP socket and Unix Socket for server communications


Chat on Smail (French website)
Chat on Jasez (French Canadian Website)


State : Stable

Current version : 1.0

Release Date : 2005

Techno : C ANSI

SVN : Private

WebSites : Smail Jasez